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Recent advances in the development of novel immunodulatory therapies for various auto immune conditions have revolutionized both clinical practice and research in rheumatology. Biomarkers are chemicals or components of the immune system that can be used to mark or define the level of inflammation or disease, or the responsiveness of a patient to a specific medication. Biomarkers are very important for people with arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis. They can define the level of the activity of the disease. The first-line imaging technique for diagnosis inflammation in musculo-skeletal organs in Rheumatoid arthritis is planar X-ray examination, which were for many years the first and the only single tool for Rheumatoid arthritis diagnostics and response evaluation. Today, in the era of more aggressive Rheumatoid arthritis treatment, ultrasound examination and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are also frequently used.

Other therapeutic approaches for rheumatic diseases, clinical trials to advance the development of therapies, failed studies experiences and ways to correct them will also be discussed under this track for a better understanding. 

  • Therapeutic approaches for Rheumatic diseases
  • Biomarkers and advanced imaging techniques
  • Clinical trials to advance the development of therapies
  • Failed studies experiences and corrections

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